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We are glad to see you on the "Ingrida tours" website! Since 2019 we organize bus trips around Lithuania, Latvia and other countries. Our mission is to help everyone discover the most beautiful corners of nature, historical monuments, forgotten traditions and relax on the short one-day or weekend trips. We invite you to go on an adventure together!

Leisure trips in Lithuania and Latvia

Travel with business partners, colleagues, relatives or friends. You’ll taste wines, desserts, appetizers and dishes reminiscent of the old times, climb a hill or take a walk around authentic palace or manor. What will you choose?

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Many of our clients are particularly fond of this type of travel, where educational elements - visiting exhibitions and expositions - are combined with entertainment - education, tastings, treasure hunting or other fun activities. During such trips, we see new places, get to know the local culture and experience many pleasant emotions.

Memorable business trips

This type of trip is perfect for a new work team or if you want to get to know and strengthen ties with your colleagues. We offer various educational activities and trainings problems. This is a great way to diversify your daily life and gain knowledge and most importantly you will get a real team building experience - get to know your business partners or team.

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Tastings, team games, excursions or educational activities in the surroundings of manors, in the partisans' land or... in the champagne factory - will allow you to break away from everyday routine and immerse yourself in adventure. New experiences will create opportunities for even the oldest co-workers to discover new topics of conversation and maybe even hidden talents.

At Ingrida tours we organize business and group trips from all over Lithuania and Latvia - treat your business partners to a memorable weekend, wherever you are located. We organize everything from A to Z, so you got nothing to worry about. Organize a team building trip for your team, an informal get-together for new and long-term business partners!

Entertaining bus trips for your holiday

Not sure what to do on a family reunion? Or maybe you want to celebrate a wedding anniversary, birthday or another important occasion in a special way? A weekend trip with friends will allow you to chat up, bring back a bunch of good experiences and, most importantly, we will take care of everything!

About Us

About Us

More and more often, sitting at the table during the holidays is replaced by various entertainment and activities. We offer to travel around Lithuania and Latvia together! Choose the route that seems most interesting to you, and together with your friends go on a gourmet journey of sweet tooth, experience what a real feast of nobles means or learn a few secrets about Kaunas? These are just a few ideas for your celebration. We are constantly filling the list of routes with new trips, so everyone will be able to choose an interesting route!

At Ingrida tours, we offer many other services: we can take care of hotel reservations, guide services, reservation of conference rooms, transportation to/from the airport and other details. If you have specific requests, just contact us [email protected], +370 644 42909 and we will coordinate all the details of your trip!

I want to travel!

We organize trips for groups throughout all Lithuania and depending on the route, we can stop and pick up travelers from the cities on the way.

By the way, we offer a new service - we can capture the funniest moments of the trip, and there will be many of them, with a video camera. Mars canyons? Treetop Walking Path? Or maybe a cup of coffee with the lady of the manor? Get in touch and let's start planning your memorable weekend together!

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About Us

Ingrida tours director Ingrida Pociutė


About Us

Ingrida tours tourism manager Sandra Venckuvienė

About Us

Ingrida tours director Ingrida Pociutė and tourism manager Sandra Venckuvien

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Travel highlights from our organized tours

Keliautojo nuotrauka

Venddel Diana

Thank you for the consultation and recommendation for the trip for "Allianz" Lithuania branch team. Attentive, helpful and very pleasant communication and prompt information!

Keliautojo nuotrauka

Giedre Petrosiene

Thank you very much for an excellent organization and our second trip with you. The guide was great and considerate of our needs. It was very amusing, fun and tasty :) We will definitely come back :)

Keliautojo nuotrauka

Areta Sturoniene

I want to thank you for the well-organized trips not only in Lithuania, but also outside Lithuania, for the sincere guides, responsible drivers, perfectly arranged excursions! Thank you and best of luck! Recommend to all my friends!

Keliautojo nuotrauka

Erika Kaliaginaitė

Thank you for a wonderful trip, everything was perfectly organized, we had a great time, learned a lot of interesting things, saw unseen places and took home wonderful moments :) You are wonderful!

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