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Neurographic art is a simple way to work with the subconscious mind through drawing, creative method stimulates new neural pathways by combining art and psychology.

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Neurographics was created in 2014 by Pavel Piskarev, founder of the Psychology of Creativity Institute.

Neurographics consists of two words: neuro - and graphics.

Neurons are the main cells of the nervous system and regulate the functions of the nervous system. The interaction of neurons determines a person's level of motivation, behavior style and choice criteria.

Graphics is a way of drawing, an opportunity to express various topics of our life. This can be done by a person without any drawing practice or skills.

Neurographics is a science-based method that effectively, quickly and deeply immerses us in our depths and helps us find answers and resources to solve our problems. It is a conscious drawing. In the drawing, we draw a line where we do not expect to see it. That's where our growth happens - we take ourselves into the discomfort zone to activate the brain.

In neurographics, the main character is the person, the drawing - secondary. The main idea is that a person is the creator of his own life. When drawing, a person observes his body, emotions, thoughts and this is very important. During this process, the attention acquires a direction and the main work takes place not in the drawing, but inside the person. In neurographics, the object of creation is the drawing person. Inner experiences are very important and the feelings can be very different.

As soon as real changes begin, sensations and emotions appear in the body. At that point, it's important to realize that the brain continues to solve the problem at hand. If we don't observe it (feelings and experiences), then the brain will very quickly switch to something else and eventually the ego's resistance will defeat us. That is why it is so important to focus on feelings, emotions, body experiences and thoughts. We must be open to what will happen to us.


The method works in several areas:

  • helps to very quickly enter a mental state , in which there is plenty of energy for solving the problem;
  • provides a person with energy for solving tasks. The precise concentration of a person on the solution of a task that previously seemed difficult to him;
  • stimulates vital activity by opening the door to the resources of energy and creativity.


Neurographics helps a person to:

  • reveal inner potential;
  • change ineffective action patterns to positive ones;
  • give up stress and internal tension;
  • give up psychological restrictions;
  • to look at a moving situation in a different way and find a solution to it;
  • inspire and motivate yourself.

The neurographic method is suitable for people of all ages. You don't have to know how to draw. In the paintings are used geometric figures: circles, triangles, squares. All of them are connected by a line.

Neurographics teaches us to consciously observe our reactions while drawing. Who is this for? In any neurographic practice, we either solve some of our problems or pave the way to a goal. In any case, we expect some kind of result. And the bottom line is that neurographics works everytime, whether we're watching ourselves or not. However, the quality of the result directly depends on the quality of the drawing, which in turn depends on how we draw based on our observations. The more conscious our observations will be, the more effective our internal changes will be, and thus, the improvement of our lives.

What does it give us in everyday reality when we follow this path on a piece of paper? The ability to trace what is happening and why, and most importantly, what can be done about it. It teaches us new responses to old stimuli. As a result, we begin to assess some difficult situations more soberly, learn to control our strong emotions safely, relationships with other people begin to improve, new opportunities open up, etc.


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