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„The Curionian Spit is so unique that it is worth seeing just like Italy or Spain, especially if you want to give your soul a wonderful sight“, wrote the famous German scientist Wilhelm Humboldt at the begining of the 19th century.

Tour program

The Curionian Spit is called the pearl of the Baltic sea. In the year 2000, the Curianina Spit was inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage list as a cultural landscape of outstanding value. Penincula‘s beaches are also recognized internationally. They were awarded a blue flag, meaning that the beach meets high standarts of environmental protection and service quality.

According to a legend, the Curionian Spit was formed a long time ago by Neringa, a girl giant who poured the sandy peninsula into the Baltic Sea to protect the peaceful bay from the stormy sea and created an embankment for fishermen to live. And today the eastern shores of the Curonian Spit are washed by the Curonian Lagoon, while the Baltic Sea washes the western ones.

The relief of the Curonian Spit is varied: a sand beach runs along the seacoast followed by ridge of fore dunes reshaped into a 4-12 meters high protective dune crest, a littoral plain and a strip of the blown-out remnants of early dunes in the direction of the lagoon.

Curionian spit is the Mecca for artists, and the recreation oasis for the tired.

Plan of your visit:

The Hill of Witches

One of the most beautiful ancient parabolic dunes of Juodkrante. From the ancient times, Joninės (the Feast of St.John) were celebrated on the Hill of Witches, formerly called the Hill of Jonas (John) and leva. Nowadays, walking down the hill's path, you can see a unique exposition in open air. More than 70 sculptures from oak were gouged out by Lithuanian folklore artists. The theme of the old hill sculptures is the world where witches, demons, and the characters of Lithuanian fairy tails and Neringa - girl giant, exists. The guide will tell you funny legends and famous fairy tales.

The Dune of Parnidis

The Dune of Parnidis is a favorite place of the holidaymakers to visit. The dune is half planted and half drifted. Parnidis dune - sand dune in the south of Nida, Kuršių Nerijoje, 52 meters above sea level. It is the only place in Lithuania where sun goes down and rises from the water (Baltic Sea). There is a Sun Clock on the Parnidzio Dune. The Sun Clock was made by architect Krištapavičius and sculptor Pūdymas. A lot of various symbols of calendar feasts are on the sides of this Clock.


It is the largest settlement of Neringa. Nida is one of the representational sites in Lithuania. On the west side the town is surrounded by Parnidzio, Urbo, Angliu and Purvynes Dunes, and by the lagoon on the east side. The present Nida was established when people left the old Nida after it was covered up with drifting sand in the beginning of the 18th century. The guide will show this settlement and will tell its interesting history. The atmosphere of the old Nida can be felt in the ethnographic zone at the harbor: a regular rectangular street plan, wooden fisherman's houses of the first halt of the 20th century, their ends facing the lagoon, with brown painted tile roofs.

Grey dunes

One of the most spectacular landscape element of the Curonian Spit are The Grey dunes. They are made out of spectacular ravines formed by strong winds and sand, grassy flora, and the old fragments of the forest soil. More than three hundred years ago there was Nagliai village, the residents of the village moved several times from one place to another while retreating from the wind - blown sand, but after a long and unsuccessful struggle with the shifting dunes (dune movement speed being from 0,5 to 15 meters a year), people left the site of the village. Part of them founded Pervaika and Preila, others moved to Nida. The Dead Dunes (also called the Gray Dunes or the Pyramidical Dunes) are one of the most fascinating sights in Curionian Spit. These dunes are situated in the Nagliai Nature Reserve, which is highly protected and supervised.


Price of the tour for a group of 30 people – from 120 €.  If there are fewer people, the price will be higher.


 The price includes:

  • English speaking guide;
  • Comfortable Transport;
  • Ferry tickets Klaipeda-Curionian Spit and Curionian Spit -Klaipeda
  • Eco tax in the Curonian Spit;
  • Lunch (soup + roast chicken) + table water. If you are a vegetarian (vegan) please let me know five days before the trip.
  • Entrance tickets to the Grey Dunes.


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

Cancellation rules: click here.


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