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This tour is a little different... It will help you create a festive mood, think about the plans and goals for the coming year and share kindness. Put some cookies and tea for yourself and for your neighbors, let's all create a cozy evening by a Christmas tree, be full of warmth with tea, conversations and laughter....

Tour program

According to Libertas Klimka: The tree became a universal home decoration, the real Christmas joy of families only around mid -19th century, when Prince Albert of England in 1840 prepared a Christmas surprise for his wife Queen Victoria - the palace was decorated with a green tree, smelling like a true winter forest. Because the prince was born in Germany, he knew the traditions of the old continent. The Christmas tree tradition began to spread widely through the palaces and estates of the nobles. It was first mentioned in Lithuanian writings in 1853. the future poet and bishop Antanas Baranauskas, a famous Lithuanian author, saw a decorated Christmas tree in a tsar’s house and wrote about it in his diary...

You will start your Christmas tree tour in Gargždai. Last year, the most important symbol of the winter holidays - the Christmas tree - was lit in the very center of the city, near the municipality, the music school and the renovated cinema. And the Central street of the city was decorated with new decorations - a luminous photo frame and beautifully lit trees.

You will continue the Christmas tree tour in Tauragė. Last year, Tauragė Christmas tree was very classy - aesthetics and harmony were the guiding principles when choosing Christmas lights and decorations. Also, snowflakes, dancing on the pavement with the help of 3 spotlights attached to the top of the tree received applause from the residents. We wonder, what decorations will bring us joy this year...?

You will continue the Christmas tree night tour in Jurbarkas. Last year, Jurbarkas tree was truly exceptional - the symbol of the world hourglass.

During the Christmas tree tour, you will continue your Christmas fairy tale in Raudondvaris. Last year, the tree was decorated with the most impressive decorations. Among them, you could see a peacock, a sleigh with horses, a lily flower and a fountain. There was no carriage, which has become a tradition at the Raudondvaris manor tree, but it was replaced by a so-called magical piano, which, when touched, will play a Christmas tune. The tree itself was lit up by an abundance of lights and a giant red ribbon.

You will end the Christmas tree tour in Kaunas. Previously, Kaunas surprised us with its ingenuity, the Christmas tree was playful, reminiscent of summer. You will get to admire the Christmas tree, take pictures and walk around the city square.

  A little tired, but still with a big smile on your faces, you will go home...


Price of the sightseeing trip by busfrom  60 per person.

The price of the sightseeing trip by bus includes: bus trip; travel guide services; creation, preparation and coordination of the travel program; object research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program;


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

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