Degustation trip to Latvia: Latvian cheeses - Shiitake mushrooms - sea buckthorns

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During a one-day trip, you will go to Latvia - Jelgava region, where you will participate in tastings of Latvian products.

Tour program

Departure can be organized from any location in Lithuania, Latvia.


At the beginning of this trip, you will go to a family farm located in the Jelgava region, where you will taste 9 types of cheese (with fenugreek, parsley, garlic, onions), baked homemade bread and sip tea. The owner of the homestead will serve marinated cheese, which received recognition at the largest food exhibition in the Baltic States "Riga Food 2014", won the 1st place for nomination "Taste of the Nation".

After the tasting, you will continue the trip by visiting the Trubenieki farm, which is the largest grower of Shiitake mushrooms in Latvia. These are unique mushrooms that grow on tree logs, by drilling holes in the trees. After the mushroom grows and is harvested, the tree rests for several years, after which holes are made again. These mushrooms can be eaten raw. They say these mushrooms are also used in pharmacy, especially after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. You will learn the secrets of growing mushrooms, taste fresh shiitake mushrooms and enjoy a wonderful mushroom soup with shiitake mushroom bread and shiitake mushroom butter.

At the end of the trip for groups, you will visit the owners of the sea buckthorn household. The garden is specially designed, the sea buckthorn is grown with quality and responsibility and the production process completely guarantees that no residues are left. Everything is done with great enthusiasm, inspiration and love to provide people with natural, healthy and high quality products. While visiting the farm you will learn the valuable properties of berries, the subtleties of cultivation and find out how sea buckthorn products are made. While walking through the huge sea buckthorn garden you will hear the history of the farm and the establishment of the fertile garden, future plans directly from its creators. At the end of the walk you will find yourself in the sea buckthorn alley of magical beauty, you will be invited to taste dessert - interesting and unusual combinations of sea buckthorn with other ingredients. With dessert - warming or refreshing drinks.

Satisfied after tasting many different dishes, tastes and hearing interesting stories, you will go home.


Price of the sightseeing trip by busfrom  100 € (the cost of the trip is for 30 people, if the number of participants decreases, then the cost per person increases).

The price of the sightseeing trip by bus includes: bus trip; travel guide services, creation, preparation and coordination of the travel program, object research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program, cheese, shiitake mushroom, sea buckthorn tasting.


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

Cancellation rules: click here.


The sightseeing bus trip program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

If you have any questions about sightseeing tour by bus contact us by phone: +37064442909, +37065556313, by e-mail - [email protected].

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