Historical sightseeing tour of Naujoji Vilnia "Reborn City"

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Naujoji Vilnia is a part of Vilnius surrounded by legends and myths. It was once a separate city with different quarters and even a developing old town. People have been living in these surroundings for several millennia, so this part of the city of Vilnius will surely surprise you with its accumulated history.

Tour program

In this educational - architectural excursion around Naujoji Vilnia, you will visit and learn:

  • Why do people living here consider Naujoji Vilnia a separate city?
  • • Does Naujoji Vilnia have its own old town and can it match Vilnius in terms of its wooden architecture?
  • During the tour you will visit the second St. Casimir's Church and Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.
  • • You will see a scythe factory, where the legendary scythe ``litovka'' was produced and which, in terms of production volumes, grew to the world's largest scythe factory. Also, yu will have the opportunity to taste the beer that currently is being brewed there.
  • • In this educational tour you will hear interesting stories and old legends about this settlement.

After the tour, groups can have a craft beer tasting. The tasting would take place in the building of the old factory where scythes were made. During this tasting you will taste 6 different types of beer.

Tour duration~3 hours + beer tasting if you wish.

Price of the sightseeing tour around per person 80 including beer tasting; (the cost of the trip is for 10 people, if the number of participants decreases, then the cost per person increases.

The price of the sightseeing tour includes: guide services; creation, preparation and coordination of the travel program; object research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program, beer tasting.


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

Cancellation rules: click here.


The sightseeing tour program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

If you have any questions about sightseeing tour contact us by phone: +37064442909, +37065556313, by e-mail - [email protected].

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