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During the tour in Vilnius you will visit one of the oldest places of imprisonment in Lithuania - Lukiškės prison, where you will get to know the peculiarities of life in prison and intersting stories about the prisons criminals. You will also take part in a tour of the old town of Vilnius, where you will see the most beautiful and historically important areas of the city.

Tour program

You will start your one-day sightseeing tour by visiting the Lukiškės prison complex, which was built in 1904 and consists of six buildings: St. Mikalojus Stebukladaris Church, administrative and production facilities, a prison, as well as a prison-hospital built during the Soviet era, and a fence with prison gates. You probably have heard stories about life in prisons and the world of criminals. But who knows everything better than those who know Lukiškės prison very well and have worked here for a long time?  Prison guards spent a lot of time in Lukiškės and saw everything with their own eyes. Death chambers, meeting rooms, people-containers, operas, historical figures, prohibited items, horses, love affairs, secret works of art, convicts weddings, prison escapes and never-before-seen areas of Lukiškės prison. You will be introduced to many historical figures who were imprisoned there at some point. For example - the author of the Lithuanian anthem Vincas Kudirka, the writer Žemaitė, the signatories of the Lithuania Act of Independence Jonas Vileišis, Mykolas Biržiška and Vladas Mironas, the partisan commander Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas, the Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin.

After the tour, you will have lunch - authentic chicken kiev with traditional side dish + carrot cake + coffee/tea.

You will take part in an excursion around the old town of Vilnius. You will see the majestic Vilnius Cathedral square, the Gediminas Castle built o a high hill, one of the most important religious monuments - the Gate of Dawn and you will visit the heart of the old town - the Vilnius Town Hall. You will see the most beautiful St. Anne's church, which Napoleon wanted to take back to Paris on the palm of his hand. You will walk through the narrow streets of the old town and find out why the old town of Vilnius was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the educational tour, you will learn the legend of the city's origin and stories about dukes and kings who lived here.


Price of the sightseeing-tasting touraround  60 € per person.

The price of the sightseeing tour includes: bus trip; travel guide services, creation, preparation and coordination of the travel program, object research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program, tickets and tour at Lukiškės prison, lunch, guided tour of Vilnius.


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

Cancellation rules: click here.


The sightseeing tour program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

If you have any questions about the sightseeing tour contact us by phone: +37064442909, +37065556313, by e-mail - [email protected].

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