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The one day trip by bus included visiting the Baltic mythology park. Considering that Lithuania descended from the Balts, who established in the territory more than three thousand years before Christ and that the Lithuanian language is one of the two remaining Baltic languages in the world, it is a very important part of the Lithuanian heritage and history. You will also visit a textile craft museum, where you will see different styles of textile creations.

Tour program

Departure can be organized from any location in Lithuania.

Photo credit: Karolis Bakūnas.


On this one day weekend trip you will visit the Baltic mythological park. The park nurtures the old cultural values ​​of the Balts, educates Lithuanian people, promotes patriotism, contributes to the state's cultural activities and promotes cultural communication between the Balts peoples and tribes (regions). In the educational park, you will not only get to know, but also see the mythological world of the Balts peoples, expressed in the symbolic and calendar perception of the world structure of the Balts peoples in both vertical and horizontal projections. For this purpose, the park has three parts that correspond to the structure of the Pantheon of Balts Deities, expressing the harmony of the human life path with nature. .

After a relaxing walks on the park, you will continue the trip at a small town Darbėnai. You will visit the textile craft musuem. In the spaces of the first and second floors of the house, textile masters maintain an exhibition, which includes several hundred woven bands and several hundreds of towels. Such collection is one of the latest records in Lithuania. Nowhere else will you find such an impressive collection with so many hundreds of patterns, colors, and ornaments. The owners of the museum will be happy to tell you what is different and what is special about matchmaking, jubilee, funeral bands, what kind of special towels are used for carrying bread or wrapping a person. These exhibits are carefully collected in thrift stores or bought from people, given as gifts - there even are a couple of belt or towel from the interwar time.

NOTE: if anyone would be interested you could also have a degustation of traditional Lithuanian meals at the museum.

Traditional dishes of the region: Beaten cream dish with potatoes and onion soup with herring fish; Potato pudding made with grated potatoes and eggs, served with greaves and kefir; Ribs with sauerkraut; Onion soup with herring fish served with kefir.


Price of the sightseeing trip by busfrom  160 €.

The price of the sightseeing trip by bus includes: bus trip; travel guide services, creation, preparation and coordination of the travel program, object research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program, tickets to Baltic mythological park, textile craft musuem, degustation.


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

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The sightseeing bus trip program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

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