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Kuldiga should be on the ‘must see’ list for everyone! It is the most romantic town in Latvia where you can get lost wandering around beautiful cobblestone streets and enjoying the breath of the 17th – 18th century building style. Kuldiga has been once the center of the Duchy of Courland and has preserved its spirit. The city center with the widest waterfall of Europe is so impressive that even fish start to fly! No joking, in the spring vimbas swim against the current across the waterfall and it looks like they are flying.

Tour program

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  • Transportation from Riga and back
  • Kuldiga city tour in English

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  • Lunch

During the city tour you will see Duke’s Pharmacy, the former Kuldiga burgomaster Stefenhagens’ house, the Town Hall Square with the former Town Hall building and the present Town Hall. The charming streets will pull you in on an exciting journey and tell you ancient stories in the live museum of Ancient Kuldiga’s Story. An interactive experience of Kuldiga’s history with real actors is waiting for you. Later you will have a chance to relax and feel the atmosphere of the town by slowly sipping a coffee at the local coffee roastery Curonia.



  • Kuldiga old town

You will go to the Venice of Latvia. A stream runs along the foundations of many buildings, which is why this city got its name. You will walk around the old town, where medieval scenes are filmed until now. During the tour, you will pass the longest brick arch bridge in Europe, built in 1974, it is the longest (164m) car bridge of this type in Europe.

  • Ventas Rumba, the widest waterfall of Europe

You will go to the Venta's rapids in Kuldiga, where you can watch fish trying to overcome the waterfall, swimming upstream. The width of the waterfall is about 100-110 meters and the height is 1.8-2 meters. The waterfall can be observed along its entire length from both banks of the river, even from the old brick bridge over Venta, located 200 meters below the waterfall.

  • Live museum - Ancient Kuldiga’s Story

A tour of the "Living Museum" is like a walk through history. You will interactively learn about the events in Kuldiga in various periods: prisons, Duke Jacob's ships, trade plans, the glory and devastation of Kuldiga. Holograms, sound effects and other interactive elements will give you the opportunity to travel back in time and experience the changing history of Kuldiga yourself.

  • Coffee tasting at Curonia Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasting has been known in Kuldiga since the 17th and 18th centuries, when coffe was imported to Kuldiga by Duke Jacob. "Couronia Coffee" presents the production process of coffee from the field to the cup. You'll learn how coffee beans are turned into delicious drinks and techniques for making coffee at home that's both delicious and enjoyable.


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Photos by: Solveiga Kaļva.

Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

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