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One day sightseeing tour by bus

On this one day trip you will visit the biggest island in Lithuania, stop by the city of Šilutė and its Evangelical Lutheran church, which is rich in magnificent fresceos. You will also be intoduced and get to taste traditional Lithuanian dishes and will even lear how to bake the tree cake.

Tour program

Departure can be organized from any location in Lithuania.


On this one-day trip you will visit the largest island in Lithuania - Rusnė Island. You will be impressed by the landscapes of the Rusnė town, the preserved old wooden architecture and, of course, the tastiest smoked fish. The guide will introduce you to the town, tell you what is special about the post office building, you will also learn why the monument to Mahatma Gandhi and Herman Kalenbach stands in Rusnė and many other interesting stories.

You will continue your sightseeing trip in Šilutė, where you will visit the symbol of the city - the Evangelical Lutheran church with painted frescoes of biblical scenes. Šilutė church is considered one of the most beautiful evangelical churches in East Prussia. The wall of the altar is covered by 80 sq. m frescoes with scenes from the Bible. The altar fresco depicts 120 famous characters.  There are painting of the poet A. Dante, reformer M. Luther, composers S. Bach and Handel and many famous Prussian figures and representatives of the intelligentsia, on the lower part of the altar there is also a painting of Hugo Šojus, who is extremely honorable in Šilutė. In the painting he holds a model of the church in his hands. You will also learn that the height of the church tower reaches 50 meters and that the tower clock is the largest one in Lithuania. The priest of the church will tell you more about it.

In Šilutė there will also be a quick introduction you to the history of the town of Šilutė. During the tour, you will pass by the Hugo Šojaus mansion, the old Market Square, the old post office and other monuments and buildings significant to the city.

Participate in an educational programme, where you will not only learn how to bake the traditional Lithuanian tree cake, but you will also learn the entire history of the tree cake, from its origins to the present day and lastly, you will get to relax and taste the baked tree with coffee or tea. Here you will also be able to get to know more about the crafts of pottery, blacksmithing and wood carving from the craftsmen themselves.

You will have a lunch break, where you will get to taste real, tradition Lithuanian dishes. You will be introduced to the representative dishes of each ethno-cultural region of Lithuania: Dzūkija - cake with dried boletus, Žemaitija – sour cream butter with patatoes and cannabis, Mažoji Lietuva – waffle pancakes with barley coffee, Aukštaitija – dumplings with blueberries and as for the Suvalkija region - veal ham with horseradish.

At the end of the sightseeing trip you’ll visit an ancient plant garden, where you will see plants used for food production in the territory of Lithuania from the stone to the 12th century.


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

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The sightseeing bus trip program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

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