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During this excursion you will discover beautiful places and interesting stories about Klaipėda.

Tour program

The tour starts from the swing bridge (22 Žvejų Street).


You will start your sightseeing tour at the swing bridge. The bridge was built in 1855, it is made of riveted iron and decorated with heavy chains, which is why it used to be called the "Chain Bridge", until the Second World War. The bridge rotation mechanism is manual. It takes only two people to turn the bridge in such a way that it is possible to enter the former moat (defensive moat) of the Klaipėda castle through the overpass below it.

You will hear stories about Klaipėda Castle. The castle that once stood here was a very important part of the city, it initiated the construction of the city. Germans thought that the lagoon was a branch of the Nemunas, also often called Memel, so the castle was named Memelburg. During the tour, you will learn about the history of Klaipėda (Memel).

Then, you will stop at "Ann from Tharau" sculpture, which is located in the heart of Klaipėda city – the Theatre Square. The square was built only in the 19th century, but it is said that already in the 17th century, various plays were performed there by passing actors.

You will also get to know the old town of Klaipėda, the old port and look for hidden magical, wish-fulfilling sculptures. You will hear the guide's stories about the visit of the Royal Family, famous people of the city and more.

You’ll stop by the symbol of the city - the Meridian ship. It is a wooden sailing ship, which is one of a hundred survived wooden sailing ships. The ship was built in 1948. In the past, it was used to teach cadets of the Klaipėda Maritime School and later turned into a restaurant.

The guide will show you around and tell you about the planned restoration of St. John's Church and other famous and interesting places in Klaipėda.


Price of the sightseeing tour – for a group of 10 people from  170 €;  for a group of 10-20 people from  250 €;

The price of the tour includes: guide services; creation, preparation and coordination of the program; research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program;

Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of the route might slightly change.

Cancellation rules: click here.


The sightseeing tour program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

If you have any questions about the sightseeing tour contact us by phone: +37064442909, +37065556313, by e-mail - [email protected].

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