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During the two day sightseeing trip for groups by bus to Latvia, you will stop at the The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, located in a wooded area, where there are more than 100 ethnographic homesteads dating back to the 17 century. You will continue your journey towards the Gauja National Park - the largest and oldest national park in Latvia. You will visit the village of Ligatne, whose history has been inseparable from the paper factory for almost two hundred years. The settlement is also famous for its rock complex/cliff. A wonderful, cozy piece of land which you can confidently call "Little Paradise". On the trip by bus for groups, you will also take part in a sightseeing tour of the city of Cēsis and its’ castle. When you arrive in Sigulda, you will visit Turaida Castle and the Castle of the Livonian Order.

Tour program

Departure can be organized from any location in Lithuania, Latvia.


Day 1:

The first object you’ll visit on the trip for groups by bus to Latvia is the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. The open-air museum is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Europe. 118 old buildings from all regions of Latvia - Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale and Latgale, built between the second half ot the 17th century and and 20th century second half of the 40’s were brought, built and equipped in the museum.  Homesteads of Latvian peasants, artisans and fishermen are located in the museum. All of them have a permanent exhibition - household and work items, interiors that speak of a certain period, region and occupation of the householders. Visitors are introduced to the farms of the Lviv fishermen who lived in Kurzeme and the old Russians of Latgale.

You will go to a town of Gauja National Park - Ligatne.

First you will have lunch here (soup + hot dish (poultry) + refreshing drink. Vegetarians, or if you refuse lunch, please inform us.

Next,  you will have an excursion with a local guide who will tell you the interesting history of the town, and you will be able to capture the beautiful scenery by the rocks and the Gauja river. Ligatne - a unique workers settlement, built in the 20th century. Ligatne is located near 6 hills. Together with the factory, its village developed, the historical center of which has survived to this day and is a monument of the development of the city of national significance. Created in the 19th century, it is the only ensemble of wooden architecture and industrial construction, harmoniously combined with picturesque nature - mountainous terrain, Ligatne river and cliffs, which contain cave cellars.

After the tour, a wine tasting awaits you in one of the hills cellars. The wine tasting will take place in a romantic setting, by candlelight. The guide will tell you the history of the winery and present the products. You will taste 5 different types of wine + cow's cheese + sample wine of your choice. If someone wants non-alcoholic drinks, the winemaker can also offer that, but you need to inform us in advance.

Next, on the trip by bus for groups, you will go to the hotel, settle in and after a short break you will go to Cēsis, where you will take part in a night excursion with lanterns. Walking around Cēsis at night, you will discover its witchy charm. You will uncover the city's history by listening to legends  and ancient stories. Carrying medieval lanterns, you will walk through city streets, illuminated parks and squares. Mysterious, fascinating narration by a local guide will leave an impression.

Overnight at the hotel.


Day 2:

Breakfast at the hotel.

On the second day of the tour for groups by bus, you will visit Cēsis Castle, where you will take a guided walk around the Castle Garden, see the contours of the castle from the courtyard side, climb the Western Tower and visit the old southern tower - a former prison. The museum guide will tell the interesting history and legends of the castle.

Free time in Cēsis.

Later, you will go to Sigulda, also called "Latvian Switzerland", located in the valleys of the Gauja National Park. Sigulda is also famous as the winter sports capital of Latvia: there is a bobsleigh track, various sports facilities, and mountain skiing tracks with lifts. The surroundings of the Gauja river are one of the main centers of attraction in Latvia.

Lunch in Sigulda (soup + hot dish (meat). Vegetarians, or if you refuse lunch, please inform us.

During the trip to Latvia, you will also visit the ruins of Sigulda's Livonian Order castle, which was built back in 1207. See how the remaining walls represent the Middle Ages. You will go up to the tower, from where you can see a great view of the valley of the Gauja National Park. In the center of the castle ruins, there is a modern stage where open-air concerts and festivals are held, including the Sigulda International Opera Music Festival.

You will deepen your acquaintance with the surroundings of Sigulda in Turaida Castle. It is a Gothic castle in the Gauja National Park and part of the world-famous Turaida Museum-Reserve (the only such museum in Latvia). When visiting here, tourists always feel as if they have traveled back in time - unique historical buildings and extremely beautiful nature create an extremely realistic reflection of the past. The 43.63 ha territory of the museum-reserve includes Turaida's brick castle, the place dedicated to the memory of Turaida's Rose, the church and church hill, the Folk Song Park and the buildings of the manors’ farm. You will take a walk in the Park of Folk Songs and the Hill of Songs, where sculptures are built in the themes of Latvian national songs. You will walk to a memorial site near an old tree, which honors the Rose of Turaida, a girl who sacrificed her life for love and became a legend, personifying honor, dignity and loyalty. The tour will be led by a castle guide.

On the way back home, you will stop at Gutman’s cave, a unique cave carved with old inscriptions on the walls, left by ancient travelers. Currently, the oldest visible inscription is from 1667. It began to form 10,000 years ago, when the waters of the ice age eroded the sandstone rocks. Gutman’s cave - translated from German means the cave of a good man. Gutman’s cave is associated with a real, 410-year-old love legend about the Turaidas’ Rose.

Full of excitement, you will travel home.


Price of the sightseeing trip by busfrom  180 € (the cost of the trip is for 30 people, if the number of participants decreases, then the cost per person increases).

The price of the sightseeing trip by bus includes: bus trip; travel guide services, creation, preparation and coordination of the travel program, object research, staff assistance in creating and fulfilling the program.


For additional paid objects - from 150 €.

(Latvian ethnographic museum + guide services; excursion in Ligatne; lunch on the first day; wine tasting; excursion in Cēsis; tour of Cēsis Castle + entrance to the castle; lunch on the second day; Turaida Castle + guide services; entrance to the Sigulda Castle).


Notes:  Ticket prices and the order of visited objects might slightly change.

Cancellation rules: click here.


The sightseeing bus trip program was prepared by UAB Ingrida tours. The use or distribution of the travel program is prohibited without the consent of the authors.

If you have any questions about sightseeing tour by bus contact us by phone: +37064442909, +37065556313, by e-mail - [email protected].

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