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Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

Molėtai, located near Lithuania’s capital, is one of the most beautiful regions of the country, where there are almost 300 lakes. It is a place where harmony and nature are preserved, where you can have fun, rest and find special places. So if you are wondering what to do in Molėtai, this article is just for you!

What are the must-see places?

Lithuanian ethnocosmological museum

Address: Kulioniai village., Žvaigždžių St. 10, Čiulėnai ward., Molėtai district. (55.31548059648406, 25.556150469316478)

In the 1970s, a search for a new place for the observatory in our country began. It was decided that the hill of the Kulioniai village in the Molėtai district on the shores of Lake Želva is the most suitable for this. That’s how, in 1990, the Ethnocosmological museum was established here.

The Lithuanian Ethnocosmological Museum became the first and only such museum in the world and now it is the only museum of its kind in the country and in Europe. Its meaning is the connection of man and humanity with the cosmic world, its manifestation in the traditions of society's life, philosophy, science, art and other areas.

Here you will find telescopes for night observations, an educational sroom and event space, you can also book a night excursion here. The interior itself resembles a space station, so visitors seem to be transported to a completely different world. What's more, each room is arranged differently: in some places it is about astronomy, in one place - about Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, and in another - about Lithuanian ethnic experiences. Thus, a total of 7 topics are presented. Finally, you can go to an observation deck at a height of 30 meters, from which an impressive panorama of the surroundings opens up.

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

Molėtai Sculpture Park

Address: Vasario 16-osios St. (55.2320762630128, 25.4259968402358)

The Molėtai sculpture park is located by Pastovis lake, under the open sky, so here you can not only admire works of high artistic value, but also take a walk along the shore of the lake. The modern park showcases works from various materials: wood, brown, black and gray granite. They were created by famous sculptors-architects from many different countries: Lithuania, Poland, Wales, France. There is also a Ferris wheel, new sculptures are constantly appearing, and various events are held here.

Lake fishery museum

Address: Muziejaus St. 7, Mindūnai ward, Molėtai district. (55.23252184102862, 25.562725684654737)

The Fishery Museum not only has a lot of exhibits that reveal the history of fishing - the fish here can also talk! They narrate the texts of Selemonas Paltanavičius and if you come with a group of about 20 people, you can order the famous cooked on fire Rimidžiai fish.

Molėtai Technical Museum

Address: Tumenčizna village. 1b, Giedraičiai ward, Molėtai district. (55.11545675503267, 25.333876726862332)

This is a private museum of various vehicles and equipment. More than 200 cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other vehicles and machinery are exhibited here. The museum also features antique TV equipment and radio exhibits. The funniest thing is that visitors can not only view some of the exhibits, but also try them out themselves!

Dubingiai castle site

Address: Dubingiai, Molėtai district. (55.0615920008194, 25.443386771381512)

Dubingiai castle site is a 500 m long and 200 m wide hill. It was declared as a cultural monument of Lithuania and included in protected cultural heritage objects list. It is believed that in ancient times there was a magnificent castle on the hill and after a secret wedding with Žygimantas Augustas, Barbora Radvilaitė lived in the palace! Now this place holds the exposition of the surviving fragments of the Radvilai Palace and the site of the former Evangelical Reformed Church with the Radvilai burial pantheon. There are a lot of photos from archaeological excavations, illustrations and outside you will discover a breath-taking landscape - you will see the longest lake in Lithuania, a unique wooden bridge and an educational trail with observation decks and stands.

Molėtai virtually

Address: Inturkės St. 4, 33141 (55.23207089834405, 25.420725256043387)

Molėtai offers an opportunity to get to know the history of the city in virtual reality! A virtual tour awaits visitors at the Tourism and Business Information Center. You will try on VR helmets, with the help of which you will see the polar settlement of Lake Luokesai, large pikes, the Giedraičiai battle. There are also screens with games, where you will get to know Molėtai in a fun way.

Mindūnai observation tower

Address: Muziejaus St., Mindūnai ward, Molėtai district. (55.21963896998742, 25.56070953861414)

The Labanoras or Mindūnai observation tower is the second tallest tower in Lithuania. The observation deck is located at a height of 36 meters and you have to climb 214 spiral steps to get to the top of it. But it's really worth it - there is a stunning landscape of Siesartis, White and Black Lakajai lakes with islands and the Labanoras forest.

The structure resembles a lean tree trunk. It is made of metal structures and can even sway in strong winds. There is a parking lot at Mindūnai Camping. There are markets near the tower where you can buy drinks or snacks. There is a path towards the lake.

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

Alanta Manor

Address: Parko St. 5, Alanta, Molėtai district. (55.346657, 25.324903)

Alanta Manor was built in 1858. Now visitors can admire the gallery of professional artist Vaidotas Žukas and there is a library located on the second floor of the mansion.

The large manor house has long been the most impressive hall in the entire Molėtai district. Elvyra Satkūnaitė, the luminary of Alanta, left to the manor the museum exhibition she founded, which currently occupies the right corner of the palace. Now there is a branch of the Molėtai Region Museum - the Alanta Manor Museum-Gallery.

Watersports and other entertainment

Leisure and outdoor entertainment area

Address: M. Apeikytės St. (55.227288040316296, 25.41573140903674)

It's no secret that Molėtai is full of lakes and outdoor activities. Next to Lake Pastovėlis, where swans often swim, there is a deck with sunbeds and on the sides - a recreation and outdoor entertainment area. We guarantee that both children and adults will have fun here! In this area you can play table tennis, try the outdoor slide or jump on the trampoline. It is not surprising that many people choose Molėtai for their trips around our country.

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

“Žalvaris park”

Address: Skrebuliai village., Giedraičiai ward., Molėtai district. (55.16824062407001, 25.364079740358044)

It is a huge 40-hectare space, full of unique exhibits and extraordinary attractions. All kinds of groups will find activities in Žalvaris Park: families, colleagues, friends or students. Here you can take part in an interactive excursion or take a leisurely walk surrounded by nature and have a picnic.

This space is ideal for various celebrations: proms, birthdays and other occasions. Here you can try a smoke sauna, take a bath, grill food, participate in team games, listen to music and much more!

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

„FLIP Point“ wake park

Address: Turgaus St. (55.23204821661229, 25.44099757104412)

This wake park is located on the shore of Pastovis Lake and gives visitors the best emotions. FLIP Point represents extremely high quality brands - Sesitec, Hyperlite, UNIT and others

Here you will find a wide range of waterboard park services, equipment rental and a cafe. This park offers water and land bikes and paddle boards for rent. In the leisure area, you can warm up in a steam bath, relax in a hammock or play table football.

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

Water trampoline park

Address: Turgaus St. 10 (55.232349, 25.428306)

In the water trampoline park sessions start every hour and lasts 50 minutes. Before that, the rules of safe behavior are introduced and life jackets are provided to the visitors. And after that - unforgettable memories on water trampolines!

Where to eat? Restaurants in Moletai

"Le Piknikas"

Address: Molėtai district.

"Le Piknikas" offers picnics for various occasions: personal celebrations, gatherings of friends, dates, etc. "Le Piknikas" not only prepares delicious snack sets, but also offers the most beautiful places in Molėtai for a picnic.

SPA Hotel “Belvilis” restaurant

Address: Kirneilė, Luokesos ward., Molėtai district. (55.20230205812219, 25.471804969194906)

Located in the Molėtai district, at the Belvilis hotel you will find an excellent restaurant based on exotic world cuisine. On the third floor of a building, surrounded by pine trees, the restaurant is ideal for both relaxation and celebrations.

Hotel guests are given the opportunity to order meals to their rooms or lodges, get breakfast for an early hike on foot or by bike, or simply enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. On the spacious terrace you can sip coffee in the morning and drink a glass of mulled wine in the evening, enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Villa “Kelmynė”

Address: Sporto St. 64, Kanapelka, Luokesos ward., Molėtai district. (55.231150664957724, 25.44432038268976)

The charming villa "Kelmynė" is located in the wooded district of Molėtai, just 80 meters from a lake. Guests can stay in cozy rooms that provide everything they need for a pleasant stay. There is a green garden here, and only 500 meters away there is Lake Siesartis. And the villa also has a great restaurant.

Molėtai: places to visit and activities in the lake region

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