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Šiauliai: attractions, restaurants and nature gems

Šiauliai: attractions, restaurants and nature gems

Šiauliai: what to explore in nature?

Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy Botanical Garden

Paitaičiai St. 4

This is a scientific research base that was started in the second half of 20th century. Currently, the base is an active member of the Lithuanian Botanical Gardens Association (LUBSA) and the global network of botanical gardens BGCI. The total area of ​​the garden is over 6.54 ha. More than 4,600 species and varieties of plants are cultivated here, seed and sprout exchanges takes place with more than 250 botanical gardens around the world and under the international IPG program operates a phenological garden.

Also, many events and festivals for the public are organized in the Botanical Garden.  Together with Šiauliai City Municipality, the Botanic Garden creates integrated activities for nature awareness, STEAM programs, cognitive and educational activities, plant exhibitions and professional development courses.

The most convenient way to get to the garden is by car or bus. There is a free parking space at the gate. You can arrive by public transport by bus 13, 22 or 24 ("Dubijos" bus stop). From the city center, you can reach the garden on foot in 15-30 minutes.

Šiauliai: attractions, restaurants and nature gems

Lake Rėkyva

55.868323, 23.303815

It is the tenth largest and the largest swampy lake in Lithuania. Its area is 11.8 square kilometers, the maximum depth is 4.8 meters, the average depth is 2 meters, coast lenght - 14.10 kilometers.

There is probably no other city like Šiauliai in Lithuania, where such a large lake, which already existed 12-14 thousand years ago, still stands. It is believed that then it consisted of several lakes connected by small streams and straits. Soon, 5 high marshes formed in the shallow lake and surrounding lowlands.

Lake Rėkyva falls into the territory of the Rėkyva marsh, which is extremely important for the protection of habitats. After all, there are swamp forests, rare butterflies, , bats, and etc. Next to the lake there is the Rėkyva botanical-zoological reserve.

The lake is an extremely popular place for water sports, recreation and fishing. The forests and marshes around Rėkyva is a great place to pick mushrooms and berries.

Šiauliai: attractions, restaurants and nature gems

Šiauliai: what to see in the city?

Venclauskiai House-Museum

Vytautas St. 89

Venclauskiai house is a multifunctional center for learning about history and culture, a non-traditional space for communication and leisure in Šiauliai. It is a bright object of interwar modernist architecture, very unique and one of the most characteristic examples in the country.

in 2019 The Venclauskiai house-museum has been restored. Now they organize creative workshops, expositions depicting the history of the Venclauskiai family and the city of Šiauliai, educational activities and events.Children are invited to have fun at the playground, while older guests are invited to socialize and rest, try out various entertainment and educational activities.

Chaimas Frenkelis villa

Vilnius St. 74

Chaimas and Dora Frenkeliai built a two-story residential house in the first half of the 20th century, besides their own leather processing factory. The villa is surrounded by a park and is decorated with an impressive fountain. This villa is an impressive  example of the 20th centuries modern architecture. The interior of the villa is full of moldings and wood finishing elements and the facade of the building combines details of various styles.

The museum presents Jewish heritage, the cultural life of the province and society during the interwar. Various events are organized here: concerts, exhibitions, book presentations, music and film festivals, thematic excursions. You can not only learn about the life of the manors, but also about the leather craft.

You can visit the beautiful park, which is decorated with thousands of roses. The roses were planted in 2018, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania. Also, every year the International Chaimas Frenkelis Villa summer festival is held in the park, where different types of arts are presented.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Aušros takas, 3

This cathedral is the most prominent work of Renaissance mannerism architecture in Lithuania. Its white 70 meters high tower is visible from afar, any direction of the city. The cathedral stands at the foot of a lake valley, so it rises above Šiauliai even more.

Around 400 years ago built cathedral is a graceful building with original architectural details. During its existence, the building was destroyed by natural elements, fires and wars, but unbelievably, the original appearance of the cathedral has been preserved to this day.

The building seems to have been created for defense - the turrets of the churchyard gates have shooting holes, the windows of the main facade give the impression of a fortress, unique churchyard gate in front of the main facade emphasizes the defensive nature of the building. The appearance of the cathedral is based on local architectural traditions, also taking into account the best examples of Western European countries. The cathedral was granted to the church in 1997, when Pope John Paul II established the diocese of Šiauliai.

Šiauliai Boulevard

Vilnius St.

The pedestrian Vilnius street (otherwise known as Šiauliai boulevard) was built in the 18th century. This street is a significant east-west route and the third oldest boulevard in Europe.

Interesting fact about it is that the central part of Vilniaus street became pedestrianized only in 1975. At that time it was a unique phenomenon both in Lithuania and throughout the Soviet Union. After the restoration of independence, Šiauliai Boulevard became one of the favorite areas of Šiauliai residents and guests. There are many places for recreation, entertainment, shopping and leisure.

Šiauliai: attractions, restaurants and nature gems

Šiauliai: where to eat?

"Avenue Brasserie"

Vilnius St. 146

This European cuisine restaurant is located in the very center of Šiauliai. The owner of the restaurant - the chef himself, ensures that everyone who visits this restaurant will enjoy the perfect flavors of the food combinations. The chef loves seafood and high-quality meat and in order to establish a sincere relationship with his guests, he is always happy to give suggestions based on their liking . The restaurant's menu offers a wide range of European cuisine prepared only from fresh, top-quality products.


Tilžės St. 63a

Restaurant "Trys" was founded by a family of professionals in this field and are respected not only by Šiauliai residents, but also by guests from all over the world. The seasonal cuisine will surprise and delight even the pickiest gourmets and the restaurant staff will make sure you feel at home. The restaurant also organizes various food and drink tastings, private celebrations and parties.


Vilnius St. 138

This restaurant follows the "Slow Food" principle and uses fresh products. Everything is made from the healthiest ingredients - the menu was created by a Italian, Gian Luca Demarco. Table service is also extremely high quality: only the best dishes and cutlery are used. The environment and decor of the restaurant is exceptional and the staff is extremely friendly. Tasting evenings are aslo held here.

When you visit "LEJA", you must check out the carefully selected wine list and snacks that go well with the wine. It is also worth trying the extremely wide selection of cocktails created by bartender Mantas Rooseveltas. The restaurant also serves French homemade desserts.

Šiauliai: attractions, restaurants and nature gems

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